Saturday, March 31, 2012



OK... aku tahu aku dah 'agak' lama tak update blog. Sorry la, I'm kinda busy right now with scholarships and so and so.. Paham-paham la ye situasi selepas result keluar. :)

*Bajet giler bunyinya!

Oh, talking about result, I haven't mention mine right? ALHAMDULILLAH. TOTALLY BEYOND MY EXPECTATION! HAHA.. Yeah I got straight A's, I mean the strong straigt A's! 8A+ AND 1A! The 'A' is for my English. I deserve it. I'm not pretty good in English. Senang citer kalau speak, memang terbelit lidah la! GCE pun B3.. HAHA. Tuh tandanya memang aku lemah la. Tapi memamg seriously aku terkejut. I don't expect to got A in my Chemistry sebab susah sangat! Hard core punya susah. All that three papers. Masa tuh memnag rasa unfair je. :) After chemistry tuh, i cried. HAHA.. CENGENG! Ahh, shut up! Dan malam biology tuh, aku stay-up sampai pukul tiga pagi sebab risau giler dengan paper biologi esoknya. HAHA.. Giler la. Esok, aku pening-pening lalat jawab bio. Padan muka! :)

Aku memang bersyukur sangat kepada ALLAH sebab memberkati usaha aku selama nie. Aku pun memang tak expect Straight A+. Aku terima apa yang Dia bagi. Yeah, my mom and dad are really happy, and also my sisters. And I still remember that my mom looked younger than her own age that day after saw my result. I know it, because a broad smile on her face. HAHA.. Tak aci mak tengok result dulu sebelum anak dia tengok! :)

Kepada yang tak straight A's, it is not the end of life yet. It is too early to give up. There is still a long journey. There is a person post in his blog, "That day is the day we know our result, but not our future". SEE?? So, just move on. Rezeki ALLAH tuh luas. Ada kat mana-mana. And jangan sesekali mempersoalkan tindakan Dia. He knows the best.

Last but not least, Alhamdulillah. A clear record finally. :)

p/s : Ranking SAMURA jatuh tergolek-golek! OUCH!

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