Saturday, June 4, 2011

People do change

Entahlah.. Aku tak ahu kenapa. Tiba-tiba, hati aku tak senang. Aku online facebook. Thank God. Aisyah online.. Aku lepaskan semuanya kat dia. And yeah, she do heard me.

It was extremely complicated. And it hurts me so badly.

Allah give me the strength.

Please let it back to normal. I really missed it.

p/s : Aisyah Najwa, thank you for listening and your time. I really appreciate it. And to Amirul Rasyid, I really had a nice chat with you.. Thank you for the tips and the info. Wishing you a good luck in your Sijil Paling Mudah.. Haha.. =D

Playing Jangan Lafazkan-KRU

*Tear drops on my lappy

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